Compact Fiber converter French-Made

Product Specifications:

  • Manufacturer: LanSee Tidy
  • Zero latency
  • Only 130x90x45mm 
  • 3G and 12G
  • Ethernet / PoE++
  • Genlock
  • Hybrid fiber
  • Up to 70 watts – 200 meters
  • Standalone or rackable
  • Compatible With Lemon or Neutrik

Universal RCP

Product Specifications:

    • Shade any brand and model of camera
    • One RCP controls any number of cameras, no hard limits
    • Direct access to the main camera settings
    • Internal and external Tally support
    • Integrated shading of external Color Correctors
    • Integrated control of External Lenses
    • Integrated control of Pan & Tilt heads and Gimbals
    • Integration with joystick panels for Pan & Tilt control
    • Touchscreen for advanced operations
    • PoE and all IP workflow
    • User friendly configuration interface
    • Plug and play, saves time during setup
    • Regular online updates
    • Diagnostics and remote support
    • Frame to fit in OB/MU video stations

Why Meerkat?

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