Broadcast your conference without any operator.

Thanks to audio-conferencing integration, the conference is captured and streamed automatically.

VISUALIZE YOUR WORKSPACE  |  Design your custom room with microphones/seats positions & cameras.

The workspace lets you easily configure the system.

During the live session, you can switch to Semi-Automated mode by clicking on a specific microphone to bypass the audio system speaking.

VARIOUS ANGLE SHOTS  |  Each microphone can be covered by different cameras & shot angles.

You determine the shots for each microphone.

Thanks to the PTZ Cameras support, you can manage up to 128 different shots by cameras.

Each shot can have a notation for priorization.

SPEAKING DETECTION & AI  |  The system chooses the right shot according to the speaking detection.

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine selects the best shot, depending of who is speaking in real-time.

The recalling of the camera preset and the switching is fully automated – making the live program natural and dynamic.

GRAPHIC SCENES  |  Customized graphics & auto-titling

Custom your graphics – import your logo, choose your fonts and colours.

Each speaker is automatically titled and you can easily upload your graphic scenes that can be recalled with just a click.

Your conference capture will look attractive and professional!

RECORD & LIVE-STREAM ANYWHERE | Enhance your audience with online video

YouTube, Facebook Live, Dailymotion, Kaltura…

With our Social Media moderation app, you add interactivity with your audience.

Above example is with multiCAM System solution

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