Software Solutions for TV & Studio Production


Scheduling for Live Ingest

Manage Live Sources and Ingest Events

Libero Scheduler is an HTML5 based ingest scheduler interface that manages all ingest operations for a period of time.

  • Collaboration with Other Media Server Systems – Different level video server Integration

The system fulfills different requirements, depending on the integration level and video servers such as Harmonic, Bluefish444 IngeSTore, Libero Ingest. Automatically addressing video router sources to ingest server destinations provides unlimited available inputs with router control gateway.

  • High Availability – 1+1 Redundancy with Distributed Software

Active-active redundancy and database replication provide sustainability and uninterrupted scheduled ingest events. Automatically failing over between redundant scheduler services performs recovery procedure seamlessly.

  • Easy to Use Interface – Timeline view of all ingest events

Execute schedule, crash, recurring and continuous events on the timeline for each channel. Expand or collapse the timeslots accordingly. Manage multiple physical or virtual ingest servers. Accessible from on-site or remote locations with the intuitive web-based user interface


Multimedia Ingest and Encoding Software

Libero Ingest is a video ingest software to record feeds from satellites, tapes, studios, or the internet streams at the same time.

  • Monitor & Control All Operations

Record different formats simultaneously. Control all ingest operations on a single screen and monitor multiple channels at the same time. Record live events by controlling VTRs properly with a wide range of file formats and input cards compatibility.

  • Detect Signal Loss & Errors

E-mail and visual notifications. Automatically start and stop ingest operations in the event of freeze-frame, black frame, and signal loss. Including, automatic file transfer and housekeeping options.

Get e-mail and visual notifications from the system to identify problems.

  • Integration with 3rd Party Systems

Advanced audio control. Designed to adapt workflows or 3rd party systems with its own REST API and flexible triggering features. Advanced audio mapping, level control, and dynamic audio scan for better quality ingest.


Video Server Integrated Multi-Channel Playout
Playout Solution for Studio and Continuity Operations – Libero Play is a multichannel playout automation system designed to control the schedule and the media content for broadcasting.



  • Customizable Interface – Easier layouts with flexible components

Channel windows, counters, buttons, output previews, columns, and side panels; suitable to expand, collapse, make visible or invisible, change order, and relocate to customize the layout.

Its intuitive interface delivers high-speed operation to meet the requirements of a studio or continuity environment.

  • High Availability – End to end redundancy with distributed software

Three layers of redundancy; frame-accurate video servers, redundant controllers, and multiple clients provide resiliency for different failure conditions.

Automatically failing over to ensure sustainability and prevent any interruption such as black-frame, freeze-frame, or drop frames on the screen with router control gateway.

  • Multi-channel Architecture – Multiple playout channels on a single UI

Control up to 8 channels at the same time to reduce time and materials used for operation. Various simultaneous output options for each channel to distribute media assets for different destinations.

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