Ready for virtual production with tracking data

The head can support up to 12kg camera

• Up to 12kg payload

• Free-D compatible

• Fujinon and Canon support

• IP  control (web interface, remote panel)

Our line of robust, precision designed remote heads that support a camera/optics pair weighing up to 12 kg.

All the camera and optical unit hardware is contained in one area of the unit with a variety of connector options available.

It comes in different sizes to fit various camera units.



Flexible and Reliable

SPIRIT Head is a remote controlled PTZ Head dedicated for Broadcast and Television. It offers flexibility and robustness expected for this kind of product.

It can be integrated in a live environment, controlled by a human of in a fully automated configuration.
Compliant with Fujinon and Canon lenses, analog or digital, it can support up to 12 kg in total.



FreeD Compatible

This Head is compatible with the FreeD protocol. The virtual production engine receives real -time information on Pan, Tilt, and Zoom from the robotic head seamlessly. For instance : Zero Density, Pixotope, etc…






Intuitive and Precise Control

We have designed control surfaces that allow operators precision control along with unparalleled ergonomics. With an IP connection, the control panel can control the trolley and also the column, the head, the zoom, and the optical focus.

With this control panel solution, you benefit from the ergonomic and intuitive interface to control up to 6 robotics and cameras at the same time.

With it, you’ll be able to pre-program and create incredibly precise movement sequences.


Ready for virtual production with tracking data

Key Features:

• Up to 12kg payload

• Free-D compatible

• Spirit Head or PTZ mounting

• Remote control (web interface, remote panel)

This slide is a compact, slider system exclusively on straight rails. Perfect for OB vans and other semi portable uses.

Compact in size, it offers a center distance of only 200mm. Discreet, light, and quiet, it can nevertheless accommodate a robotic head and any load up to 12kg!

A variant is available for a ceiling attachment.

The rails are variable in length and interlocking. A single rail can go up to 15 meters in length!


This Dolly solution is a versatile rail system that allows you to create the smoothest shots with the most flexibility both for indoor and outdoor events
Key Features:

• Curved rails travel, any size and paths

• Free-D compatible

• Versatile 

• Remote control via web interface, remote panel

Dolly is a remote controlled high speed rail system. It moves along a 400mm wide railtracks at a speed up to 3 meters per second.

Its smoothness and ergonomy make the DOLLY the best dolly systems for all type of shooting indoor our outdoor.

All speed, acceleration, and travel parameters are adjustable depending on your needs.

With all the equipment, you get a complete traveling system for achieving breathtaking shots.


FreeD Compatible

The dolly can communicate its position in space in real-time via the FreeD protocol so it can be used by any virtual production solution like Zero Density, Pixotope, Disguise,…

Because of the curve, spatial calibration is required. Thanks to the software, tracking data of devices are aggregated to communicate the coordinates of a global virtual camera under a single FreeD signal.

The use of curved rails requires the use of external tracking to calibrate the rail path. We provide an innovative process to perform this calibration, using a Vive tracker. Of course, any other tracking solution can also be used: Mo-Sys, Stype, NCam.


This lift is a motorized column that raises the level of your productions


Key Features:

• Straight rails only, custom lengths

• Free-D compatible

• Versatile 

• Remote control via web interface, remote panel 

With a maximum extension of 110cm, this lift expands the range of your shooting capabilities and re-energizes a classic PTZ device.

Coupled with a dolly and a head, it brings the creativity of a crane with a small footprint on the ground!


FreeD Compatible

This slide can communicate its position in space in real-time via the FreeD protocol so it can be used by any virtual production solution such as  Zero Density, Pixotope, Disguise,…

It is self-tracked, meaning that no external optical tracking system is required to provide real-time position information.

Above example is with multiCAM System Spirit Line solution

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