No technical skills needed to create professional broadcast videos!

EASY-TO-USE & ALL-IN-ONE  |  Broadcast Technology is not only for pro-users

This video production software delivers all the features of a broadcast video solution with an intuitive and ergonomic interface.

You don’t need to have strong training and video skills – our solution is touchscreen with only the buttons you need.

VARIOUS SHOT ANGLES  | 6 Presets per camera, with thumbnail to visualize it

Each preset records all the settings of the camera (Pan, Tilt, Zoom, White Balance, Exposure, Focus).

Just click on the thumbnail to instantly recall the angle of shot. Adjust it with a precise joystick.

With one hand on the touchscreen interface and the other on the joystick, you have the power of 5 people!

ENRICH YOUR CONTENT PRODUCTION | The system chooses the right shot according to the speaking detection.

The system has a built-in CG engine, so you can design your titlings and manage data directly into the system.

Your live program will be dynamic and attractive for your viewers.

Easily upload your logo, fonts and into our ready made  customizable templates – and your show is ready!


RECORD & LIVE-STREAM ANYWHERE | Enhance your audience with online video

It is compliant with all video platforms: YouTube, Facebook Live, Dailymotion, Kaltura and more.

With our Social Media moderation app, you add interactivity with your audience.

Above example is with multiCAM System solution

Why Meerkat?

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a wide range of cutting-edge systems specifically developed for each market and it's needs


no technical team needed to create professional broadcast videos


the solutions we offer are the most affordable in the market!

We organize interactive & live demos so you can experience the future of live video production & broadcasting with MEERKAT!