Because we believe in offering the finest technologies to everyone, we would like to introduce our well choosen solutions for your market:
• Easy to use
• Flexible
• Powerfull & Stable designed for 24/7 production!
• Budget friendly

dream chip mini broadcast cameras

The ATOM ONE range of cameras is a full HD or 4K digital

high-speedcamera system multiCAM systems use the power of Artificial Intelligence to automate video production.

It is as though we took the brain of a director to create dynamic and professional video with no human intervention.

This applies to conferencing, radio and education solutions.

Libero suite software

To find and share your assets flexible platform.

Playout automation system, flexible multi-channel ingest.

To convert multiple IP sources to SDI/NDI video signals.

Lansee fiber solutions

PTZ Camera P Fiber Perfectly integrated to the Panasonic & Sony body shape.